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Why CrossFit?

How is CrossFit Perth unique to most gyms?

  1. We offer FIFO rates based on your schedule.
  2. Classes are not locked down by bookings and reservations. You won’t miss out because classes are over subscribed or reserved.
  3. You are not locked into set days and times. Memberships cover you being able to train at any day or time.
  4. We offer multi programming. This program offers a second option in each class for those not wanting to do the olympic lifting, gymnastics or skills or simply to switch things up.

Most people who start CrossFit are bored and stale with their fitness program and want results for the time they spend training while having fun with a great bunch of everyday people. Our location is really practical  location for people who want to get fit in Joondalup and the northern suburbs.

CrossFit or xFit is designed to make your body look and feel the way it was designed, feel proud and confident with your appearance.  Our programming at CrossFit Perth Joondalup is designed to strengthen and condition the body by using specific exercises for targeted muscle groups and make you look terrific. Exercises include anything from tyre flipping to skipping, squatting and rowing. The goal is to make you feel like a complete and healthy person by increasing your fitness levels and muscle strength, endurance and flexibility. You will never look back!

Many people think CrossFit is only for the young and super fit, or have never suffered an injury. Most people who start with us have had injuries and found that CrossFit has helped them over come and prevent further issues. Imagine a place where your nan trains with a professional athlete. We have people from 12 year olds through to 60 year old women and state footballers all training together and supporting each other. So no matter what your fitness level, this high-intensity workout is guaranteed to make you sweat!

CrossFit Perth

CrossFit Perth (Joondalup) was established in 2008 and makes working out enjoyable. Our team offers CrossFit group fitness classes in the early mornings, afternoons and evenings to suit different schedules. We also offer open gym in a separate building while the classes are running . At CrossFit Perth (Joondalup) we maintain the highest standards also hosting the level 1 CrossFit Seminars.

Our gym offers personal training sessions for fitness in Joondalup and fitness Northern Suburbs, CrossFit fundamental workshops and group and mobile classes. Individual coaching is great for people who need to achieve a specific goal whereas the group classes are aimed at increasing overall fitness. Our fundamental workshops teach you the basics of CrossFit and how to use your body effectively. We have also introduced mobile classes which means you can train anywhere, we come to you which is a great convenience.

One of our specialties is preparing people for WAPOL, police, SES and Military fitness. We understand preparing for courses and testing can be daunting, through our experience in the military we have successfully helped dozens of people not only pass the testing but be well prepared for the physical and cognitive challenges ahead. Our preparation training can be done through personal training, group classes, online programming or a combination.

We strive to ‘make people awesome’, joining CrossFit Perth (Joondalup) is one of the best decisions you can make to change or improve your lifestyle.

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Crossfit Level 2 Certificate Course
02-03 Oct 21
(Hosted by CrossFit Perth)
Crossfit Level 1 Certificate Course
11-12 Dec 21
(Hosted by CrossFit Perth)

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