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Besides being one of the first CrossFit Affiliates in Australia and operating for over 10 years, we have a lot of experience and constantly evolving.

  1. We offer FIFO rates based on your schedule.
  2. You won’t miss out due to small classes capping.
  3. You are not locked into set days and times. Memberships cover you being able to train at any day or time.
  4. We chart your progress through our Personal Progress Chart. You will regularly repeat milestone movements or workouts to gauge your progress and motivate you. What ever your goals are, this method is proven to give you results.
  5. We offer dual option programming, so you can choose based on your goals, you can focus on either:

heavy duty program

Gives you the choice of Strength, power and muscle gain.
We primarily focus here on the lower rep range and compound movements.

Deadlift, Squat, press
These movements are often super set with gymnastics or isolated strength movements.

Olympic lifting
Snatch, clean, jerk
Along with all of the variants accessories to develop your primary movements
Olympic accessories, Push-press, jerk,

high speed program

Offers a second option in each class for those not wanting to do the heavy or olympic lifting, gymnastics or skills and focus on cardio, stamina and weight loss or simply to switch things up.

second workout

Typically most classes include the dual option, followed by a finisher workout. The beauty of CF is that we offer variety in the program. Some days are longer, shorter, heavier, lighter and a combination of each.

What makes CrossFit Perth so good?

  • CFP is one of Australia’s original CrossFit Affiliates with over 10 years of affiliation and experience.
  • We are here to help you, not plug you with business models or promos
  • Progressive, holistic fitness programming focusing on improving a broad range of fitness targets.
  • Professional coaching team comprising of 12 coaches, who are highly experienced and qualified with a strong background in a wide range of sports.
  • Loaded class timetable with 5 sessions per day and 7 hours of open gym through the day.
  • Full-time advanced strength and conditioning program with open-gym
  • Full range of Strength and conditioning tools for olympic lifting, strongman, gymnastics,
  • Social, event and comp calendar.
  • Specific event preparation such as Tough Mudder, Western Mud Rush, Warrior Dash, The City To Surf to name a few. Basically if your members wish to compete in events we create a team, structure the programming and support them all the way. We believe that goals are driven by events and events are the catalyst to productive and focused training. In simple terms, it keeps your motivation high and training on track.
  • CFP hosts the level 1 and 2 CrossFit seminars. We assist with training, qualifying and re certifying CF coaches

CrossFit Perth is one of Australia’s first affiliates and the beginning to several newer affiliates in Western Australia. We are proud to host the level 1 CrossFit Seminar and assist with the development of CrossFit Coaches for the broader community. CrossFit Perth sets a high standard with coaching, programming and training which has transferred the the newer affiliates and their success including:

  • Raw Edge Fitness
  • CrossFit Energise
  • CrossFit Access
  • Peak Body CrossFit
  • CrossFit Fire Starter

Our Mission

Is to make everyday life better for everyone. At CrossFit Perth we focus on technique and form. Each session is run by experienced Coaches who ensure that you perform each exercise safely and effectively. Being in a group class makes the experience enjoyable as well as cost effective.

Our coaching to class ratio ensures that everyone gets personal coaching and are well looked after. We also offer one on one coaching for those with more personal goals.

We offer a range of classes, programs and services to choose from:
Hi Speed (adults) & Teens Group Classes (ages 13 onwards)

  • CrossFit Group Classes with optional “Heavy Duty” & “Hi Speed endurance class”
  • Teens Classes
  • Speciality Skills Workshops
  • Yoga – Roll & Release – Mobility Classes
  • WAPOL, Military & SES selection preparation
  • Personal training