Posted in: for Wednesday, 12th April 2017

It feels great to get back into some normal training, reload the fitness and de-load mentally from the open. We hope you have enjoyed the week of variety in training and focusing on different areas. Now is the time to strip back the weight and hone those finer positions, break up the reps and find the rhythm. We will cycle back thorough phases of failed reps and pushing the limits. Those who choose to and have the patience for stripping back the technique will reap the rewards when we load back up again.

If you have any questions or unsure how to progress in those make or break movements e.g. pull-ups, toes to bar and rope climb or simply feel you are not moving as smooth as the next guy or girl, grab one of your coaches.

Saturday Team comps – Each Saturday starting on the 22nd April will be teams of 3 same gender. We will give you something worth getting out of bed or changing up your day so that you don’t miss out. These workouts will be fun and inclusive. If you don’t have a team just rock up and we will put you in one.

Way2Fit classes – We will now be running seperate warmups for most Way2Fit classes. At the beginning of your class please move straight to the area that you choose e.g. CrossFit or Way2Fit. If your doing Way2Fit then CrossFit metcon after, stick around for the briefing after your Way2Fit workout.

Be sure to use the PB boards and skills charts as well as zen planner to track your progress.

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